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Cute board book with handle perfect for toddlers learning about tractors of all colors. This delightful series is designed to amuse young children and simulate them to talk, encourage them to learn new words and to distinguish visual differences of shape and color. The detailed illustrations provide lots of things to find and count and there is also something out-of-place to spot. The questions on each page are there to suggest starting points for conversations.

Part of a complete preschool library of picture-and-word books to develop vocabulary and early literacy skills.
Tractors Board Book
Our Price: $6.99
What am I? Tractor Book
Our Price: $6.99
Tabbed board book featuring green, red and blue tractors.

"Peekaboo! What am I?" Can you guess what type of tractor is hiding behind the page? Is it a backhoe loader? Or a snow plow? Or perhaps it's a ....?

Packed with peepholes and simple facts, this intriguing guessing-game book makes learning about tractors fun!
From chunky tires and spiky straw, there are all sorts of textures to explore in this safe, sturdy book that encourages preschool learning.
Tractor Mac Childerens Book Tractor Mac Childerens Book
From lambs and chicks to tomatoes and fields of rice, there's so much to find and count in the busy farm scenes in this book. Little spotters can keep track of all the things they find using the stickers in the middle of the book.

When a blizzard strikes and it looks like the town tree-lighting ceremony has to be canceled this year, Tractor Mac knows just the way to save Christmas!

Hardcover book.
There are so many awesome floats to be pulled in the annual parade. All of Tractor Mac's friends are there to pull the fantastic creations which leaves one problem. Which float will Tractor Mac get to pull? The last float left is Tractor Mac's last choice on earth..but the bands begin, their marchers march, and someone's got to be parade's best.
Tractor Mac Childerens Book Tractor Mac Childerens Book
Tractor Mac New Friend
Our Price: $8.95
Pete and Paul the pigs love to eat, and their favorites are junk food and snacks. Tractor Mac and his friends set out to show the pigs a better way of eating and at the same time help their community farmers. Can Pete and Paul change their eating habits? This book has recipes and healthy eating tips for kids.

Book by Billy Steers.
Tractor Mac always thought he was unique until his train friend Iron Dave introduces him to tractors just like Mac that Dave is bringing to the tractor dealership. Mac is excited about his new family, but Sibley and his farm friends convince Mac that his real family is right at home at Stony Meadow Farm. When a new red tractor named Daisy joins the team at Stony Meadow Farm, she has trouble adjusting to all of the different chores that must be done. She realizes that she has much to learn. Can she do all of the work on her own? Luckily, Tractor Mac and his friends chop, pull, haul, and drag alongside Daisy until she gets the hang of it. With the help of everyone on the farm, Daisy thinks she will fit right in!

Hardcover book.
Tractor Mac Childerens Book
Tractor Mac Teamwork
Our Price: $8.95
Tractor Mac and his friends team up to build a new community swimming pond. Join Tractor Mac as he makes friends with a plane and wonders what it would be like to fly.

Hardcover book.
Touch the soft noses on the piglets, see the pop-up horse, and lift the tractor flap as you explore the farm with Johnny Tractor in this interactive counting book.